The excellence of Italian knitwear S. Marco di Resana Treviso

Maglificio Mica interprets Italian knitwear with prestigious creations for national and international high fashion brands. Since 1985, we’ve represented the elegance and excellence characteristic of the Made in Italy style. We make men’s and women’s garments that express passion, craftsmanship and precision in every finish. Of our work is based on a constant search for quality with the aim of guaranteeing a completely Italian product made with superior materials and fabrics.

About us

Our business began in 1985, when Daria and Amedeo started the project. The knitting factory was born as a weaving workshop and in a short time it managed to partner with major brands. Our company, now in its second generation with Michele and Angela, has been able to grow and evolve over the years, driven by determination and great dedication to work.

Our work

All our creations follow a production cycle managed entirely by our staff. We carry out weaving, finishing, printing and embroidery by hand or machine and special creations with bonding technique. Starting from the sketch up to the elaboration of the sample series, we carefully follow the entire production process. Each product is the result of the extensive researching of materials, innovative techniques, synergy and accurate teamwork.


Maglificio Mica has always aimed for excellence. With this as our guiding principle, over the years we have chosen to invest in new technologies that allow us to guarantee a quality product that enhances 100% Made in Italy, all of which is supported by our experience and craftsmanship. Our machinery includes ironing systems for finishing and water and hydrocarbon systems for fulling. We use sophisticated equipment for printing, weaving and knitting in fabric and leather. An extensive archive of garments, yarns, colours and special processes is also available to our customers.


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