Our team

Maglificio Mica has a rich history full of commitment, experience and passion. Our team has always strived for excellence in all our endeavours. In 1985 our business started as a simple idea that Daria and Amedeo had. Starting off as a weaving workshop for third parties, the knitting factory immediately began collaborating with major companies.

In the 90s, the workshop officially began its evolution into a knitting factory with the entry of the founders’ children, Michele and Angela, in the company.

The knitwear factory also boasts the presence of a team of valid collaborators whose passionate work and experience make a fundamental contribution to the company’s success.

Our work is founded on a constant search for quality. This is a source of motivation and desire to grow professionally for us. With this objective in mind, we have invested in new technologies and strive to always keep our professional and technical skills up to date.

Today, Maglificio Mica is a successful partner of major Italian knitwear brands, managing to interpret the excellence of pure Made in Italy authenticity.