Our Made in Italy work – Castelminio di Resana Treviso

All our Made in Italy work starts with extensive research of materials and yarns. Each creation is conceived and designed with great attention to every detail. We do weaving, printing and embroidery by both machine and hand, or with bonding. Our productions bring together craftsmanship with technological innovations perfectly and without ever losing sight of the excellence of every single creation.

Technology and craftsmanship

Over the years we’ve upgraded our equipment with the latest technologies to allow us to guarantee a product of the highest manufacturing quality, just as you’d expect from anything Made in Italy. Each production is carefully followed in all phases of the process. Particular care is also taken in the fulling with modern water and hydrocarbon systems and in the finishing. We use innovative ironing systems that guarantee superior quality when compared to traditional methods.

Our experience at the service of excellence

Ours is a team effort. Our internal organization allows us to efficiently manage the entire production process. Each garment is born from the experience that we put in the field every day to the service of excellence. Starting from the sketch, we support the style team throughout the creation process up to the elaboration and development of the prototype. This is followed by the modification phase and then the production of the sample series.